Sales Mentorship Testimonial from Kevin Gray (President - ADC Paving)

The 8-Week Level 1 Sales Mentorship Program provided by Top Contractor School is the only way to break in any new salesperson or estimator to the industry.

Brian Hess took an estimator with only a couple of months of sales experience in the construction field and transformed him into a closer. Not only did our guy learn how to close effectively but also learned how to listen to client's needs, ask the right kind of questions to better understand the client's needs and then, in turn, offer education and value-driven solutions for each unique customer experience.

This program has been an incredible return on investment for our business, as our student exceeded his first-year sales goal by 50% and the goal we set was a lofty one to begin with!

I highly recommend this program to any and everyone who is looking to accelerate their sales team's industry knowledge and effectiveness for your customers and your business.


Kevin Gray
ADC Paving
Louisville, KY