Sales Mentorship Testimonial | VP of Sales - Asphalt Kingdom

I wanted to personally reach out to you and thank you for everything that I’ve learned over the past eight weeks. The course was very comprehensive and really provides an incredible foundation and framework for any person who actually applies themselves and is committed to improving their sales skills. 

Not only was the information provided in the course immediately actionable, but the way the material is taught and your constructive criticism and feedback is also second to none and delivered in a way that shows that you are truly invested in what you do. 

Along with that, you practice what you preach! You really do provide tremendous value during the course and create a long-term lasting relationship with each student.

I would recommend this course to anybody looking to improve their sales skills and meet someone who is not only a successful practitioner of what he teaches - but also a great person in general!

Andrei Bucsko
VP of Sales
Asphalt Kingdom