TRAINING is the BEST Investment You Will Ever Make in Your Company

When I left corporate America and entered the construction industry, I immediately knew that something about this new industry I was in was very different. Most of the businesses in the construction world are small businesses or at least started as small businesses that grew rapidly at some point to get where they are today. 

The one consistent challenge that small businesses AND businesses that grow rapidly have is and always will be TRAINING their people. Small businesses many times are "too busy" or "can't afford" to invest enough time or money into designing and executing a formal training program for their people. When I walked into this industry, I was given a computer, a phone, a desk, and a "good luck kid" as my formal training program...and I worked for what most would consider being a pretty large company.

For those companies that experience rapid growth at some point in their history, the common approach is to rapidly hire people to fill the voids of having so much to do and not enough people to do it. The problem with this approach is that these companies essentially infuse a lot of people into their organization that lack training and structure and many times these people will erode the morale and culture within these companies over time because they become frustrated with the lack of training and organization that exists within the company.

Top Contractor School was founded to solve this exact problem. Our programs are designed to help provide the training structure within your company that will help you grow to any level you desire. From teaching your leadership how to recruit, train, and retain the very best talent available to you to training your sales staff on how to follow a cutting edge sales approach that produces exceptional results, we are singularly focused on helping to fill that void you might have in training...and don't feel bad, you are definitely not the only company out there that has this challenge.

Training is the single best investment you can make in your company...when done properly. How is training done properly you ask? By having a relentless commitment to training that leads to creating a visible CULTURE of training within your company. When everyone in your company is committed to getting better at what they do, you just simply can't lose.

As the the old story goes...

The CFO asks "What if we train them and they leave?" and the CEO answers "What if we don't and they stay?"

That quote defines much of the point that I'm trying to make. PEOPLE are what drives every business to the highest levels of success. INVEST in PROPER TRAINING for your people and they will respond with the results you're looking for. It's not just the right thing to's the ONLY THING TO DO.